Month: December 2014

NRDC supports biogas

NRDC produced a good article on the importance of biogas as a source of renewable energy.  While we recognize the importance of biogas produced from anaerobic digestion, we like to point out that AD is designed for methane production and creates a by-product of digestate.  Good news from our point of view is the solution …

Cruise garbage solution

  The CleanStream Reformer 140 is ideally suited to solve the growing problem of sewage waste polluting the seas. 16 major cruise lines released over a billion gallons of sewage into the ocean in 2014 — Climate Progress (@climateprogress) December 7, 2014

Local Startups Need Corporate Buyers

Travis Sheridan is the first organizer of the Venture Cafe in St. Louis to provide weekly support for the region’s growing entrepreneurial environment.  He provides a good message about what is next after an entrepreneurial environment is created by community leaders – they need to buy products coming out of the incubators. Also, visit our …