Regenerative Villages – The Modern Tact

Regenerative village is a new name for an age old concept. Think self-sufficiency of the Amish culture and recent trends in off-grid cooperative “co-housing” in Europe.

What is different is the modernization of the concept – modern living in self-sufficient suburbs and the potential for revitalized inner-city neighborhoods.

Comprehensive self-sufficient villages, or “regenerative villages” are our specialty. In addition to having the architects to design them, we have the emissions-free waste-to-energy and solar power systems to support them and the food systems they develop, including the combined heat and power systems, fertilizer, and carbon dioxide needed in community green houses.  See our brochure on commercial residential designs.


Here are links to another example of a regenerative village currently being built in phases in Amsterdam.  The concepts were more recently developed at Stanford University.

Now that comprehensive advanced renewable energy systems are being built, going from the drawing board to real construction, they are getting the attention of the news media.  Here is one such article.

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