About EEC

EQUARES Energy Company was developed to meet the waste removal and energy production needs of landfill-owning municipalities in need of production facilities, shipping vessel operators, large-scale livestock farmers, and habitable-space building developers.  The CleanStream Reformer waste-to-energy system is a key element of our designs.  It is able to be combined with solar power generating systems that we also provide.  Together these systems create microgrid power plants for any setting.

We are an advanced renewable energy systems (ARES) company incorporated in DE and are wholly owned by Equitech International, LLC. We provide master architectural, engineering design and construction management for building ARES facilities.

Decentralized Power through EEC

Our direction comes from the members of our parent company who are design scientists, architects, NASA scientists and chemical engineers. We have come together to focus on bringing advanced renewable energy systems technology to the market to solve pressing issues of our times.

We believe in decentralized distributive power – and efficient conversion energy devices that are well above current applications.

EQUARES Energy Company’s technology eliminates massive infrastructure costs and transportation.

FB profile pictureDemocratization of energy is achieved just using the sun, biomass and waste, which is abundantly accessible around the world.

EQUARES Energy Company’s sustainable standalone, small ARES systems, such as the emissions-free CleanStream Reformer™ 1, create premium power 24/7 (hours per day/days per week) while keeping the environment safe and clean.  For information regarding scalable systems, please contact us.