NEW!!! Scaled up CleanStream Reformer 7 for agriculture – converts 7 dry tons (14 wet tons) of dairy waste into pure hydrogen for fuel cells or into aviation-grade, pump-ready diesel every day.

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Nutrient Management Systems for Animal Feeding and Farm Operations

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Clean Energy from Farm Waste

The smaller CleanStream Reformer 1  processes one ton of dry animal and farming waste per day to produce approximately 150 kW of combined power and heat (CHP), and nitrogen-free, commercial-grade fertilizer pellets, ideal for crops or for sales to fertilizer companies.

The CSR is a scalable technology that can process from 1 – 20 tons per day and is especially complementary to the new continuous-feed anaerobic digestion systems gaining favor in agriculture worldwide.  The CSR 1 process will complete removal of excess waste (post-AD digestate) not able to be used on-site or sold to nearby crop farmers.

This flexible, cutting edge system can be fed with all manner of animal waste, including plumbing waste, plastic containers, chemical and agriculture waste from farming, orchards, and animal operations – converting non-useful, often hazardous waste into cost-saving power. By capturing energy from waste, the system significantly reduces disposal problems and related risks.

Versatile Applications.

Power generated from the CleanStream Reformer 1 can be utilized in a variety of ways. The system produces electricity for farm use and electric-powered vehicles, combining heat and power (CHP) to run absorption chillers, and heat water and enclosed spaces on the farm.

The nitrogen-free fertilizer pellets are ideal for growing food and grain crops and are easy to package and transport for outside sales.

In addition to being the solution for farming operations, the CSR 1 is able to provide power to nearby homes – supporting approximately 85 or more typical U.S. households.

For more specific information:  See the CSR 1 Waste-to-Energy.

The CleanStream Reformer Will Pay for Itself.

The power and heat generated, the cost savings for waste processing, and the valuable fertilizer co-product generate sufficient net revenue to pay for the system in an accelerated time frame in areas with high electric rates. The system is prefabricated, skid-mounted in the factory and delivered to the site ready to install and operate. It is remotely monitored and requires very little maintenance.

Advanced Technology.

The CleanStream Reformer 1 is a steam / CO2 reforming system that has been fully tested and commercialized both domestically and internationally. The system produces hydrogen-rich syngas for its attached fuel cell to produce power and run electric vehicles. Alternately, it can be used to produce pure hydrogen, ready for fuel cell vehicles.  When scaled up the system can produce other useful products such as aviation-grade, pump-ready diesel.

Solutions Beyond Energy

No More Storage of Manure Waste On-SiteCSR-140-NMP-Manure-to-Energy-Graphic-JW

The scalable CleanStream Reformer 1 processes all forms of farming waste including livestock waste, chemicals, carcasses and crop waste. Complete manure removal allows animal feeding operators to increase the number of animals without having to buy more land to store manure and its co-products, such as excess fertilizer and bedding that cannot be sold to nearby farms and is too expensive to move to other markets.

Valuable Co-Products

The co-products of the CleanStream Reformer 1 include power, heat, clean water, and phosphorus-potassium (PK) fertilizer pellets that come out ready for fertilizer companies to mix with nitrogen. The fertilizer co-product can easily be shipped to domestic fertilizer plants or to overseas markets.

There are three types of water available: water that comes from manure de-watering that can be heated with the system and filtered or used on land for fertilizer, clean fertilizer water directly from the steam / CO2 reforming process and potable water that comes from running the fuel cell.  The first two can be additionally treated to remove the nitrogen.

Electricity and pure-grade renewable hydrogen are two power options with the CleanStream Reformer 1. The electricity generated is enough to support approximately 85 homes, potentially more when fully utilizing the 150 kW combined heat and power system. The system is scalable and at larger scales produces “green” hydrogen, a valuable product in economies that support hydrogen vehicles and other fuel cell technologies; it is renewable and ready to use.

Combined heat and power from the steam / CO2 reforming process can be used for livestock incubators, water and space heating, and grain drying.  The heat can also be used in absorption chillers to produce air conditioning.

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