The CO2 Emissions Pricing Era

Peter Fairley wrote a great article about the state of carbon (CO2) pricing worldwide, “If Carbon Pricing Is So Great, Why Isn’t It Working?”  He discusses experts’ views on the effects of insufficient pricing in carbon markets and CO2 taxing strategies to reduce emissions.

While taxing producers of carbon could lead to reduced taxes for taxpayers or provide for needed public infrastructure programs, the tax-averse nature of politicians may never allow that to happen.  Instead, the general consensus is that regulations will lead CO2 producers to reduce their emissions.

A bright note in the article is the speculation that the demand for renewables will continue to be met with innovation that drives down the price of equipment needed to capture renewable resources. The examples of this, of course, are in solar and wind options.

We, too, believe that adoption of technology combined with cost-cutting innovations will lead to an expansion of the emissions-free waste-to-energy solution that we have to offer. Meanwhile, we continue to watch the markets responding to carbon capping and taxing strategies, and stay abreast of regulations affecting CO2 producers.



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