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EEC responds to U.N.’s Call for Solutions

This week EQUARES Energy Company (EEC) submitted its technological solutions to the U.N. Solutions Summit in 4 of the 5 categories: UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants                                                    UN Habitat III Conference UN Climate Change Conference UN Oceans Conference WHAT IS THE SOLUTIONS SUMMIT? “The purpose of the Solutions Summit is two-fold: 1) to lift up …

Who’s Our Market?

While at the Economic Sustainability conference hosted by the Praxis Peace Institute, I presented our #cleanwastetoenergy technology briefly to Mark Jacobson, founder of Stanford University’s @SolutionsProject.  I wanted him to know that EEC intends to contribute emissions-free waste-to-energy solutions to the renewable energy transition.  To accomplish this we need to know our market. After considerable market research, we …

Cruise garbage solution

  The CleanStream Reformer 140 is ideally suited to solve the growing problem of sewage waste polluting the seas. 16 major cruise lines released over a billion gallons of sewage into the ocean in 2014 — Climate Progress (@climateprogress) December 7, 2014