CleanStream Reformer Waste-To-Energy

The CleanStream Reformer™ is an advanced renewable energy system power plant that complements Equitech International’s™ patented light industrial production facilities.

CleanStream Reformer Benefits:
· Dedicated power plant
· Easy to operatefloating hydroponics greenhouse - rutgers edu - outside_GH_overview2
· Monitored remotely
· Eliminates tough site waste (including solid, wet, chemical and/or medical waste)
· Utilize heat and power from the system for operational needs, e.g, food production
· Complements solar power, water treatment
· Nitrogen-free clean fertilizer is an additional co-product
· Aids in livestock and food production, and multi-family housing accommodations

Main Characteristics of the CSR:
· Combined heat and power (CHP) produced
· Operating efficiency
· Steam reforming system power plant
· Processing capacity:
– 75 tons / day dry weight
– 150 tons / day wet weight
· 50% Solids content
· 350 Working days annually (minimum)

Compatible Products:

· De-watering and purification system

  Solar power

Serves:  Municipalities, Light Industry