Joining the Jetson’s Dairy Farm – Robotic Milking

John Hollenhorst’s article, Cows and Robots: A Match Made in the Dairy Barn written for, brings us up-to-date on dairy farmers’ latest technical advances in using robots to provide for cow comfort in the barn.  I’ve been interested in the recent adoptions of robotic milking and learned how cows are being trained to be milked whenever they feel the need, increasing yields by as much as 16 gallons per day per cow.  Other smaller robots are providing other comforts such as back scratching and keeping food within the cows’ reach.

Add robotic milking, feeding and scratching to the automated scraping of manure waste into corkscrew water separators and methane digesters, and I begin to believe the time is ripe for the CleanStream Reformer to take its role in the dairy farms of the future – picking up the post-anaerobic digestion residue to create heating, cooling, power and fuel for the barns and entire dairy operation – completing the waste recovery cycle, particularly on larger farms.

I’ve talked with a large dairy and hog farm operator who is even contemplating using the CSR to produce hydrogen fuel to operate farm equipment. It’s not a new idea; it’s just an idea who’s time has come.

Here is a picture of Dr. Grimes operating a fuel cell tractor decades ago – long before others even heard of hydrogen fuel. Fuel Cell Tractor - Grimes

For more information on the CleanStream Reformer technology, see

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