Military Applications

Army bivouac scene with biohazardsEmissions-Free Waste-to-Energy Systems for Rapid Deployment and other Military Applications.

Clean Energy from Biomass and All Types of Waste.

The CleanStream Reformer 1 processes one ton of dry waste (or two wet tons) per day to produce approximately 150 kW of combined heat and power for habitation needs, medical hospitals, water recycling, water treatment, growing food and other production.

The CleanStream Reformer 1 can be fed with all manner of waste, including sewer, chemical, pharmaceutical, and solid waste from military operations – converting non-useful, often hazardous waste into cost saving power, 24 hours a day. By capturing energy from waste, the system significantly reduces disposal problems and eliminates the need to depend on expensive fossil fuels.

Versatile Military Applications.

Power generated from the CleanStream Reformer 1 can be utilized in a variety of ways. The system can produce electricity and EQUARES Energy Company™ and its partners can scale up a larger system for separating pure hydrogen for use in hydrogen-powered vehicles. Water purification systems can be incorporated into the facility. Rainwater, well water and even wastewater can be collected then purified by heat and filter systems to provide clean potable drinking water and water for general purposes. EQUARES Energy Company’s partners provide water-testing systems to assure Clean Water Act and other federal water quality standards are met.

The CSR 1 collects all building waste, e.g., medical and plumbing waste, grounds maintenance grass and orchard clippings and greenhouse plant waste for conversion into power for:

  • Homes / Barracks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Office buildings
  • Production warehouses / Hangars

No More Storage of Sewer Lagoon and Solid Waste On-Site. military waste system graphic

The CleanStream Reformer 1 can process all forms of waste including solid waste, chemicals, sewer sludge and medical waste. Complete waste removal allows facility operators to increase the number of facilities for other mission support uses. Less infrastructure means more savings.

Valuable Co-Products.

Co-products of the CleanStream Reformer 1 include power, heat, clean water, and phosphorus-potassium (PK) fertilizer pellets ready for fertilizer applications or sending to companies to mix with nitrogen. The CleanStream Reformer 1 is particularly well-suited to support food production, hydroponics or hoop greenhouses and aquaculture facilities.

There are three types of co-product water available from the system: water from de-watering that can be heated with the system and filtered for general use or used on land for fertilizer, pathogen-free ammonia water directly from the steam / CO2 reforming process that can be further filtered for general use, and potable water that comes from running the fuel cell.

The electricity generated with the CleanStream Reformer 1 is enough to support approximately 85 homes (approximately 340 – 400 people producing 5 – 10 pounds of mixed waste per day, more households may be needed in low household-waste communities).

Combined heat and power from the steam / CO2 reforming process can be used for facility heating, air conditioning (absorption) chillers, and hot water heating for more mission support. CO2 can be used in a greenhouse to provide fresh food.

Early Model CSR 140 - TG


EQUARES Energy Company is an advanced renewable energy systems (ARES) company committed to providing emissions-free waste-to-energy equipment and related monitoring services to support mission operations. Our team has over 50 years of direct experience in designing and building ARES equipment and facilities. Our direction comes from our members, 40% of whom are veterans who pursued careers as chemical and mechanical engineers and design scientists and worked with NASA, Teledyne, and Westinghouse.

Decentralized Power.

We’ve come together to focus on advancing renewable energy to solve today’s energy and waste problems. We believe in decentralized, distributive power (stand-alone power) through highly efficient energy-conversion devices that are well above current applications.

Our technology works with existing utility systems or independently of them. We see that decentralization and democratization of energy are possible just using housing and facility waste that is abundantly accessible. Our CleanStream Reformer 1 benefits the military base and base camps they support. It eliminates community waste and landfills.

EQUARES Energy Company’s small, sustainable and stand-alone advanced renewable energy systems create premium power and valuable co-products while protecting the environment from the impacts of human habitation and production.


  • Dedicated power plant
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to operate
  • Monitored remotely
  • Reduces waste from on-site operations
  • Complements solar power and water collection
  • Provides combined heat and power
  • Produces hydrogen-rich synthetic gas
  • Can be utilized on marine vessels

Main Characteristics

  • 150 kW Combined heat and power produced 
  • 94% Operating efficiency
  • Steam / CO2 reforming system
  • 75 kW Fuel Cell
  • Processing capacity: (1-ton pickup truckload (dry load)) – 1 ton / day dry weight – 2 tons / day wet weight
  • 686 – 700 wet tons processed annuallhoophouse1 - Natl Sust Ag
  • 50% Solids content
  • 350 Working days annually, minimum

Complementary Systems.

  • Solar power systems
  • Greenhouse food production systems


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