Preserve the economy with CSR technology

The podcast interview (and transcript) with Richard Duncan: The Real Risk Of A Coming Multi-Decade Global Depression gets into the currency patterns of the federal reserve printing more and more money (quantitative easing, QE) to keep the economy afloat.

My takeaway from the speaker is that we have a perfect opportunity, a relatively short window, for using QE to invest in the foundation for a future based on real growth (not just money expansion). Mr. Duncan’s recommendation includes investing in a renewable energy future to replace the disappearing petroleum resources. He suggests targeting one month of QE, approximately $85 billion (can you believe that much is going into the economy each month to prop it up?), into solving the energy storage problem.

That problem is already solved in the CleanStream Reformer technology we offer because

1) waste can be converted into fuel and go directly into a fuel cell to produce power 24/7 (no storage needed), OR

2) the CSR can produce pure hydrogen that can be stored in liquid form for use when it is needed.

Multi-stream CleanStream Reformer

Hydrogen economy solution – emissions-free waste-to-energy

Liquefaction of hydrogen for storage and transportation involves cryogenics and is a current practice by large gas distributors such as Airgas and others.  In fact all components of the CleanStream Reformer are “off the shelf” parts and systems available to bring the technology into the mainstream market.

The emissions-free CSR technology needs a boost to bring it into recognition in the renewable energy market and to bring it the large scale envisioned by Richard Duncan and others, including Stanford University’s Solutions Project, who recognize that the petroleum economy is disappearing.

Certainly some of that monthly $85 billion quantitative easing should go towards solving three of society’s most salient problems: waste management, clean water protection, and replacing fossil fuels.

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