Renewable Energy AND Carbon Sequestration

When we consider how we might transition to renewable energy and reduce the carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere, the EQUARES Energy team looks at sequestration as an important contribution that our CleanStream Reformer technology can offer.

To stress how important this issue of greenhouse gas entering the atmosphere is, Environment 360 decided to inform the climate change debate about the changes that would occur if we accept a 2 degree increase in the earth’s atmosphere.  They looked at the effects of a change of 1.5 degrees.  The results are astounding and should have us marshalling efforts to keep that from happening.  Here is Fred Pearce’s article:

What would a global warming increase of 1.5 degrees be like?

Our team has long considered how we might contribute to reducing carbon emissions and sequestering carbon.  The CSR accomplishes this by being an emissions-free waste-to-energy / fuel system that produces hydrogen and carbon-rich fertilizer that can be returned to the ground.

The CSR is a renewable energy system that converts CO2 waste into hydrogen-rich syngas that is fed into a fuel cell to produce power.  If scaled up it can produce pure hydrogen to fuel a clean economy.

Mirai by Toyota - H2 car


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