The CSR Solution

Clean Energy from Waste.

The emissions free CleanStream Reformer™ system processes dry waste to produce approximately combined heat and power and an easy-to-transport nitrogen-free, carbon-rich fertilizer product ideal for crops and soil restoration.

The CleanStream Reformer can be fed with solid or wet waste – converting non-useful, often hazardous byproducts into cost saving power. By capturing energy from waste, the system significantly reduces disposal problems and eliminates the need to depend on expensive fossil and forest fuels.

multi stream CSR 1 graphic-page-002Versatile Applications.

Power generated from the CleanStream Reformer can then be utilized in a variety of ways. The built system can produce electricity, treated water, and fertilizer ready to ship to other locations. The nitrogen-free fertilizer product can be used to grow food, crops or can be sold to fertilizer companies. It is easy to package and transport.

The CleanStream Reformer is the solution for remote commercial, shipping and military operations and provides power for housing without needing to access the power grid. The system is supported by the waste from any community setting.

The CleanStream Reformer Will Pay for Itself.

The power generated, the cost savings for waste processing and the valuable fertilizer co-product generate sufficient net revenue to pay for the system in an accelerated time frame, especially where there are high electricity rates. The system is prefabricated in the factory and delivered to the site ready to install and operate. It is remotely monitored and requires very little maintenance.

Advanced Technology.

The CleanStream Reformer is a steam reforming system that has been fully tested and commercialized both domestically and internationally. The system produces synthetic gas with the potential for an attached fuel cell to produce power.  Fuel cells produce energy, pure water and heat for a number of needs.