Who’s Our Market?

While at the Economic Sustainability conference hosted by the Praxis Peace Institute, I presented our #cleanwastetoenergy technology briefly to Mark Jacobson, founder of Stanford University’s @SolutionsProject.  I wanted him to know that EEC intends to contribute emissions-free waste-to-energy solutions to the renewable energy transition.  To accomplish this we need to know our market.

After considerable market research, we have narrowed our focus and are talking with producers of agricultural, residential, municipal, military and shipping solid & bio waste.  We want to learn specifically how the technology works for these waste producers.

With agricultural waste we found that our technology is particularly suited to assisting with conversion of post-anaerobic digestion residue, known as digestate. 20140605_130035[1]With military and recreational ship operators we found that on-board waste-to-energy was of interest because of the need to stop releasing waste in some jurisdictional waters.Recunnect ad - dirty shipping image only

With MSW it is a matter of using fewer landfills and having operators transition away from combustion practices such as firing off methane gas releases.  Emissions-free processing of solid waste is possible when there is the will to use the technology that will do it.Biohazardous waste bags and boxes

There are special challenges with residential developers in urban areas that we have conceptually worked out with our design team.  In more surburban areas where there is more land, the challenges disappear.  CSR 1 sell sheet – commercial residential

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